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How We Got Started

Vietnam Orphans Winchester was started after Alan and Nhan Acton, in Vietnam, wanted to help unwanted children. In one large city, they had found a room with several babies and offered to help with some basic care which they did for a short while. From this, back in the UK after talking about the needs they had come across to friends, Alan was offered cash and goods  ‘to use for children when you are next in Vietnam’.   

A group of orphanages was identified in the central highlands of Vietnam where about 800 children are cared for by Catholic sisters. Many years ago Martha Y Phang had been rescued from likely death when her mother died and was brought up by the sisters. She has now graduated and is a tireless advocate for the children and the orphanages and she helped inspire us to form VOW which is now a UK Registered Charity.

Our Mission

Make World Happier

The mission of Vietnam Orphans Winchester is, for the public benefit, the relief and/or prevention of poverty in Vietnam and such other parts of the world as the Charity Trustees may from time to time decide in particular but not limited to children and young people who are disadvantaged, destitute and suffering by the provision of funds, items or practical support.

Our Team

Meet The VOW Team

Alan Acton

Founder Member 

As we are so favoured in the United Kingdom, it is very important to share our money, energy, and time to help those children who are struggling in Vietnam. I really appreciate working with a team and supported by you, to be able to do this. We are dedicated to helping with practical and educational needs so that each child helped is enabled to break the cycle of hardship. As they improve their situations through better job opportunities they will be able to support their families in the future.

Charles Bazlinton

Member & Trustee 

It is so good to be able to help the children in Kon Tum and see that our efforts are bringing them real benefits. There’s much more to do!

Liz Brown

Member & Trustee  

I am so pleased we have been able to provide practical support to the orphanages and as a former teacher, I look forward to us supporting their educational needs as well!

Evelyn Pringle

Member & Trustee

I feel privileged to have the chance of nurturing young people in Vietnam, to give them a chance of a better future. Being a mother and grandmother, I understand how little things make a huge difference to a child. There is nothing more wonderful than to see a happy child!

David Preager


It’s such a pleasure to work with the others here to bring about change for these wonderful children and help end the cycle of poverty and deprivation they would otherwise experience. Being in the company of the children is a joy and an inspiration.

John Pringle


I love being part of a team doing such good work for needy children in Vietnam. It is a good feeling to know that we are making a difference to their lives in practical ways. My dream is that, with our help, they can grow up to contribute to their communities and their country!

Peggy Bazlinton


The sisters in the Kon Tum orphanages are doing an amazing job helping the children to be educated and to live happy lives. It is good to be able to help them do this.