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Musical Instruments

We have delivered six keyboards so far. Our goal is to purchase a further seven keyboards and also supply guitars and microphones.


£985 Raised

£5,000 Goal

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Our Past Goals

What We Have Achieved

We have had a number of very successful fundraising projects in the last 2 years, which have helped with day-to-day life in some of the orphanages that are not so well equipped. 

We are quite new but are wanting to make an impact on improving the lives of these children by giving them practical help especially if we can help them support themselves. We have given them washing machines to save staff time and also enable the children to have more time for sport or school rather than doing laundry. We have also given industrial sized dough mixers so they can bake bread for sale in the market.

These are some of our latest goals and the ways we are supporting them.

Library Books

Approximately 100 books in Vietnamese were given to each Orphanage to stock their libraries with school and other books.

New Washing Machines

We helped raise funds to purchase three washing machines to replace washing by hand. Goal Achieved!


£1,035 Raised

£1,035 Goal

New Barbeque

We have reached our goal and donated a barbecue, the dream is that the cooked chicken can be sold to raise funds.


£380 Raised

£380 Goal

Two Dough Mixers

The donation of two dough mixers means that the orphanage can make bread for themselves and for the market.


£1,085 Raised

£1,085 Goal

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Our main objective currently is to equip each orphanage with a well-stocked library for the children’s enjoyment and development. Will you help us? You can join us in our mission by either volunteering your time and skills, or you can donate here:

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